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The Power of Social Interaction and Movement in Retirement Villages: How They Impact Physical and Mental Health

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Retirement villages are often known as retirement communities, and function as hubs of interaction for seniors. They can get social stimulation from like-minded peers, as well as enjoying new physical activities at a range of amenities and facilities. 

These retirement communities can be a great way to keep a healthy and active social life as a senior. Living within close proximity fosters a sense of community, and gives shared experiences to bond over. Retirement communities like Pacific Lakes Village also have fantastic facilities for physical activity to get out and enjoy with friends. 

The Importance of Social Interaction

The benefits of an active social life for seniors cannot be overstated. We all long for connection, and retirees are often left missing the days where they were at work conversing with other people day in and day out. 

Having a thriving social life helps to keep you sharp, with the increased activity in the brain helping to keep a positive and active mindset. An active social calendar and interactions can even help to slow some neurodegenerative disorders like dementia. 

A community-focused environment like the one at Pacific Lakes is a great choice for any senior, but especially for those who are shy, and who benefit from a welcoming environment. Pacific Lakes is able to offer that environment in a safe and secure way, and a variety of activities to stimulate you.

The Role of Movement

A thriving social life is just one aspect of wellness, as to be well-rounded and healthy, you also need to remain physically active and healthy. When ageing, it can be hard to find a sustainable, low-impact way of exercising that doesn’t result in an increased potential for injury or accidents. 

If you want a great low-impact option you can combine with a social outing, try taking a stroll with a friend or family member through the eco-friendly setting at Pacific Lakes. The beautiful temperate setting offers a variety of native plants to admire, as well tranquil park like grounds and private lakes.

The Pacific Lakes Approach

Pacific Lakes is one of the first retirement communities in the country to highlight a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life for the residents. The facility has a holistic way of thinking about wellness, which includes looking at increasing time spent in nature, and focusing on dedicated community-centric projects. 

The Pacific Lakes community is all about creating sustainable, well-rounded approaches to wellness for all the residents, offering a variety of community events and common goals so every resident has something to work towards. 

This promotes a socially-inclusive environment, where everyone is encouraged to get involved socially, and as physically involved as they can manage.

Expert Opinions

We all know that social interaction and physical activity are good for us individually. After all, the benefits of a healthy exercise routine on your mental and physical health cannot be denied. 

But, it may surprise you to learn that lots of social interaction with people other than your family can be really beneficial for getting that physical activity up. Researchers think that because you have to leave the home to connect with other people who don’t live with you, you spend less time being sedentary, and thus get more exercise!

Sustainable Living

A holistic approach to life can be a great way to maintain your wellbeing. It focuses on not just your mental and physical health, but also social, and environmental determinants of health. 

One of the often underlooked aspects of keeping up your mental and physical health is having a welcoming environment in which to exercise, meet up with friends, or simply relax and enjoy the outside. Through the focus on environmental sustainability, Pacific Lakes is definitely doing its part to ensure all residents have a welcoming, green environment in which to stimulate their minds and souls. 


The team at Pacific Lakes have a wide range of socially and physically stimulating activities to enjoy throughout your retirement. Come along to Pacific Lakes to see a balanced, holistic, and eco-friendly approach to retirement.


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