Central to the village is the creation of its own ecosystem via a series of waterways, the lakes have been developed as a sustainable stormwater retention system, fed from rainwater and natural aquifers that will support the regeneration of plant and birdlife.

The Lake House is the first community facility at Pacific Lakes.  Highlighting the sustainable ethos of the village, it is supplemented by solar power and has its own rainwater recycling system. Aligned with sustainable building design we have carefully considered building materials and have selected where possible environmentally preferable solutions.

We seek to conduct business with organisations which share our key sustainability principals and help support our commitments to operate in an ethical, socially and environmentally responsible manner.  Sustainable procurement considerations are part of our value chain. 

As part of the development of the Lake House precinct, there are electric vehicle charging facilities for residents and their visitors.

Each residence has their own raised garden bed, enabling residents to grow their own produce and connect with nature. The village worm farms offer an additional solution to our village residential household organic waste.  There are also designated recycling stations offering further recycling opportunities for our residents.

Pacific Lakes Village is part of the Tauranga Council Resource Wise Business Programme - a programme supporting local businesses to reduce the amount of waste they send to landfill.  Pacific Lakes Village have made impressive steps towards minimising waste to landfill with well over 90% of all operational waste (including green waste) being annually diverted.  We have reduced the total amount of waste produced by 40% in the last calendar year.  The latest external Resource Wise Business Waste Audit awarded Pacific Lakes a remarkable Green status, the highest accolade of the programme.

There are many different sustainability initiatives in place further demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. We continue to push boundaries as a team and as a community.

To read more about our sustainability initiatives, click on the links below to access issues of our Sustainable Retirement Living Newsletters.