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Care and Support

Care and support can mean different things to different people, it can also mean different things at different stages of your life. Most of us can successfully age in place when are homes are designed for that possibility, particularly when support and services are just a step away.

Services such physiotherapy, podiatry, and health monitoring will be available at our wellness centre by appointment.

Pacific Lakes Village offers a 24-hour emergency call system supported by modern monitoring and alarm systems. Each home has several “call buttons” throughout the house that can be pressed in an emergency to activate a support call.

The residents of Pacific Lakes, will have, together with the residents of Pacific Coast Village, preferred access to the Hikurangi Serviced Apartments and soon to commence Age Care Facility at Pacific Coast Village.

This will be further complimented by a memory assisted facility within the Pacific Lakes development plan.


Hikurangi Apartments, Pacific Coast Village

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