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The Benefits of Social Activities in Senior Living Communities

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Improve Your Mental Health 

Humans are social creatures who aren’t made for periods of isolation.  Those who suffer from loneliness and isolation usually struggle with their mental health, as they aren’t getting the social interactions that they need. 

Keeping social is a great way to maintain your mental health, as meeting and forming connections with others is a simple mood booster that also prevents isolation and all the negative mental health issues that can come with it. 

Connecting with others can help to give you purpose and a sense of fulfilment, which will ultimately improve your outlook on life. Participating in social activities is a key part of maintaining good mental health,  and this is easy to do in a senior living community as chances are you are surrounded by people with similar interests and lifestyles as you. 

Improve Your Physical Health 

Social activities in senior communities can also encourage an improvement in physical health. This is because a lot of these activities are based on group exercise. Whether it be a walking group or tai chi club, these types of group activities that get you moving will boost your physical health, as well as your mood.Even if the social activity is not exercise-based, it will still encourage good physical health, as simply getting up and out of the house is very good for your health. Staying active is important no matter what age you are, and seniors who participate in social activities will reap the physical rewards of getting out and about. 

Improve Your Cognitive Function

Healthy cognitive function is extremely important, as it affects nearly all aspects of your life.  Staying social has also been shown to improve cognitive function. A social brain is an active brain and generally goes hand in hand with increased emotional well-being. This significantly decreases the risk of mental illness that can impact those in the senior community, such as depression and anxiety.  Socialising with others ensures your brain stays active, and much like the body, if it is regularly used and stays active, then it is easy to maintain its overall health. 

Improve Your Immune System

The mental and physical impacts that socialising can have all come together to create some combined benefits. One of these benefits is a boosted immune system. As social activities contribute to your mental and physical health, this strengthens the body and thus the immune system. A strong immune system is extremely important, as it helps you to fight off the colds and flu that come around every winter. Generally, the healthier you are, the stronger your immune system is. Keeping social and active is a very easy way to ensure your overall health is maintained and to help you fight off common ailments. 

Enjoy a Happier, Longer Life 

Longevity of life is another benefit of social activities for seniors. Studies have shown that those who participate in social activities and make an effort to not isolate themselves have a significantly increased chance of a longer lifespan. This means that simply taking a walk with friends or participating in a club could potentially increase the longevity of your life. It likely comes down to the fact that socialisation improves mental and physical health, keeping your body in good shape and thus increasing your lifespan. 

Common Social Activities in Retirement Villages

No matter what your interests are, retirement villages have plenty of options to keep you social and active. As previously mentioned, these activities are often exercise based, directly improving your physical and mental health. This could be a walking club or tai chi classes, which are great ways to socialise while also getting your daily exercise in. 

Group outings are another common social activity in retirement villages, and they are a great way to socialise while exploring all that your city has to offer.  Group outings are a fantastic mode of socialising, as they are different each time and give you some variety in what you do.

Social activities do not have to be based on exercise. Villages also cater to other types of senior hobbies that encourage social interaction within the community. Art classes, musical sessions and even cinema screenings are all common activities you can find in a retirement villages. 

Pacific Lakes Village prides itself on providing world-class facilities that have a focus on well-being and sustainability. Our retirement village in Papamoa helps its residents to lead a happy and social life.  

If you or a loved one is ready to retire but still keen to maintain a quality lifestyle, contact us today.


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